David Jacobson and Howard Jacobson, founders and managers of the company, have a combined four decades of experience in leading successful real estate investment and management companies.

Jacobson Brothers delivers to its investors best-in-class real estate products with strong cash flow and long-term appreciation while preserving capital and minimizing risk. This is accomplished through a stringent acquisition process marked by thorough due diligence to ensure a potential for increased value.

Further, Jacobson Brothers employs effective value-added strategies to considerably increase property values, and is known among investors for delivering excellent products and superior returns.

The company acquires properties in strategic locations; renovates all units, common spaces and grounds; and returns the property to peak performance, creating wealth for our investors. Most importantly, Jacobson Brothers offers relationships built on integrity, trust and personalized service.

We provide excellent products and superior returns while building relationships based on integrity, trust and personalized service.

Real Estate Acquisition

Identify an opportunity, perform due diligence, secure financing and close transaction.

Real Estate Investment

Target real estate investments with financial growth opportunities to meet the needs of our investors.

Real Estate Management

Self-manage all properties to ensure focused attention to all operational details.